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Registration FAQ

Welcome to the Camp Tracy registration assistance page. We are sorry you are having trouble with registering, please follow the steps below for some assistance. 

1.   To get started click the "register today" button above this text.

This will take you to our YMCA's registration page. (shown below)

Registration photo drawing.png

2. Once on this page, existing users can log in and select the program they would like to register for.

New users will need to click the signup button in the top right corner. You will need to select a membership type to sign up for. There is a non-member-participant option at the bottom of the page select this and then hit start.

membership option.png

3. Now is your chance to add participants to your account. You may add as many as you would like. However, you will need to add all children that will be participating in activities.

add members option 1.png

4. Once you have added the participants that you need to, now is the time to register! There are 88 registration options. Each week is signified by the A) you will be able to tell which week it is based on the date. Once you click register it will give you the option to register for just one week or for multiple weeks.

registration options.PNG

Please register your child for the grade that they are currently in. Do not register your child for the grade they are going into next year.

5. From here the last step is just filling out the registration form, and paying the deposit of ($25). 

If you are still feeling a little lost, there is a video below that walks you through the registration process. 

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